Assessment Processes

We provide assessments for the following courses:

  • Excavator
  • Front End Loader
  • Backhoe
  • Bulldozer
  • Bobcat (Skid Steer)
  • Grader
  • Roller

Mandatory process for Assessment only

  1. A question/answer booklet relative to your chosen machine/s can be forwarded upon request.

  2. This material must be studied in order for students to sit for both their written and practical assessments. 

  3. In your logbook, you will need the required number of work entries per machine

  4. These entries must be signed off by another operator or supervisor. We can provide a logbook should this require attention. 

  5. Having completed the study and logbook entries, we require sufficient notification in order for students to prepare for their assessments.

  6. Assessments can be conducted at either your workplace, a suitable location of your choice or, our facility. 

  7. The necessary machine/s must also be present at this location. 

  8. You must also present the completed logbook/s and following identification to the assessor on the day of your assessment/s. 


Students MUST provide us with compulsory proof of identification totalling 100 points. Students must provide a Primary and Secondary form of identification.

Train in Earthmoving with Accredited Earthmoving Training (AET) Train in Earthmoving with Accredited Earthmoving Training (AET)