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You’ve heard about it, you’ve seen it on television and we know you’ve even thought about it!

General Information

The haul truck accreditation is now in high demand with the huge void in operators now being filled by both men and women.

Be aware that the operation of these machines has never been easier for the novices amongst us. With the massive, and growing, escalation in mining activities across Australia the ability to obtain high income, stable employment in this area can be as easy as attending one of our uncomplicated ‘hands on’ courses!

With industry experienced trainers and assessors your employment prospects are greatly enhanced as a direct result of our large contact base in this highly rewarding field.

Young men and women, tradesman, business professionals and even husbands and wives are teaming up to fulfil their sense of adventure and relocate to the many exciting locations around the country. The added benefit is the large income streams now being experienced by those prepared to invest in themselves and step outside their comfort zone.

This course is designed to train participants to the highest OH&S Competency Standards required for operators of the haul truck.

Operators seeking employment in the heavy mining and quarrying industries need to obtain the haul truck/mining truck/dump truck accreditation.

Opportunities like this rarely present themselves so there is no better time to act. Join those who hail it as the best life changing decision they have ever made.

Who should attend

Anyone with a sense of adventure with the added benefit of a large income.

Number of Participants

Limited positions available.

Pre Requisites

Students must be a minimum of 16 years of age and must display a mature approach with regard to not only their safety but that of their fellow students. Students must attend in appropriate work attire i.e. no joggers, thongs etc and provide proof of identification.


Nationally Recognized Certificate of Competency in the Workplace - Conducted in accordance with National Guidelines For Occupational Health & Safety Competency Standards For The Operation Of Load shifting Equipment And Other Types of Specified Equipment.

Topics Covered

  • General Plant Safety
  • OH&S Regulations relating to Plant
  • Operate the haul truck to OH & S Competency Standards
  • Pre and post operational checks and maintenance on plant equipment
  • Glossary of Terms

Objectives of Course

At the completion of this course the participant will be able to

  • Understand and have a knowledge of OH & S Regulations
  • Operate the haul truck to OH & S Competency Standards
  • Conduct basic maintenance and service procedures
  • Hazard awareness
  • Supervised, hands on operation
  • Practical workplace situations


Training is conducted at our training facility.

Available Dates

On application


This intensive course is designed for students with no previous experience in the operation of the haul truck.


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